All about fines

Municipal parking ticket

An municipal parking ticket is a fine from a municipality for not paying (enough) parking fees. Any municipality that charges parking fees can also impose fines that are issued via local enforcement. As a rental company, you have 6 weeks to object, and to request that the fine be imposed on the renter of the vehicle. You have to pay attention to the same things as with the CJIB fine, but in practice municipalities are not as strict as the CJIB / Public prosecutor. So again, remember the following:

  • Make sure you send the objection to the correct municipality on time. There is no central institution like the CJIB.
  • The rental company and the license plate holder must be the same company
  • It has to concern commercial rental. A private individual who rents out his car cannot transfer the fine to the renter, and the same applies to peer-to-peer concepts.
  • The rental may only take place for a maximum of 3 months. This means that under most lease schemes you cannot transfer the fine.

Appjection can help you comply with all legal requirements so that you can get rid of your fines.