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How does it work

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1. Schedule a demo and get to know the tool

In fifteen minutes we walk you through the platform, how it works and what it takes to get started.

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2. We do the setup of your platform and working method

We go through the preconditions for the type of fines you receive, after which you gain access to the platform.

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3. Start importing your fines

This can be done manually or automatically via our API. If you want to test the platform first, we can start with the manual flow.

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4. Keep track and expand

Follow all your cases in a dashboard. Are you expanding to a new city or country? The platform automatically scales with your operation.

We handle over 175 different types of fines

Through our platform and our lawyers you can quickly and easily find out which type of fines can and cannot be transferred to the end user. Almost all traffic and parking fines are possible via our platform.


Whether you receive fines with car rentals.


Or you get fines with other types of vehicles.

Use our simple tools so you can

Focus on your core business

✓ Create focus. Prevent you from wasting valuable time on administrative processes surrounding the processing of fines.

✓ Create overview. Use our dashboards to keep an overview of the fine flow and use the fine data to improve your services.

✓ Improve customer experience. Increase the processing speed of fines and improve the information provision to your customers.

✓ Get expertise in-house. Our lawyers know everything about fines and are an extension of your own legal department.

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What our customers say about us

Appjection helps Check provide the easiest way in the city by creating a smart solution for fine-handling.

A win-win-win collaboration for both users, Check and Appjection!
LAG0918 bewerkt

Appjection is flexible and likes to think along with us. Appjection also relieves us in the field of fines.

In addition, they listen to feedback, which ensures that their services match our needs even better. That's why we would definitely recommend Appjection.

MyWheels is using Appjection to transfer fines that renters receive in our shared cars.

The process is fully automated, which means that manual processing of fines is a thing of the past and we no longer run any payment risk.
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Frequently asked questions

Which fines can I upload? Which fines can I upload?

An example of the types of fines that you can upload to Appjection can be found on the page 'All about fines'. Feel free to contact us if you are curious about a specific type of fine.

What ways to automate this process are available? What ways to automate this process are available?

The Appjection platform can be used in a number of different ways. Each case requires at least:

  1. A fine
  2. Proof of the rental of the vehicle

These two documents can either be submitted manually to the platform or through an API. Endpoints are available for both submitting the fine and/or the evidence. So you can for instance choose to use the platform manually in a pilot phase, and then slowly start using the endpoints to automate your entire fine-handling.

What does this service cost? What does this service cost?

The costs of the platform depend on a number of factors, such as the size of your fleet, the connections you want to make with, for example, the Dutch CJIB or the French ANTAI, and the mode of transport for a case (digital shipment versus e.g. shipment by mail).

For a quick estimate of the costs, you can contact us through the button on the homepage or the contact form.

What is needed to start using this service? What is needed to start using this service?

The service runs in the cloud and in the browser, and all you need to access it is an account. You can then start uploading fines and supporting documents.

The other (legal) requirements are determined by the type of fine and the jurisdiction of the fine you wish to process. The most important data are the name and address details of the end-customer/rentee/lessee, but in some jurisdictions you also need a date of birth, for example. These requirements can be discussed in detail during the demo or any further introductions.

API Integrations

Effortlessly integrate with our REST API and optimise your ticket handling workflow.


We are ready to scale to every country, city and jurisdiction

Create focus and free yourself from the administrative, financial and legal burden of traffic fines. Is the country of your fines not listed? No problem, our legal specialists will work with you to add it to our platform.

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